Our journey may never have started if it wasn’t for lockdown. Anél, the founder, was employed in Travel industry. During the first lockdown, she knew this was the best time to create memorable experiences for other married couples like herself.

A note from Anél

I am one of the wives that got tired of always planning the dates… It got so frustrating, then I chatted to my friends and realised that there will always be that one in the relationship doing ALL THE PLANNING. So here is a solution. The “less” romantic person gets to plan epic dates, without really planning. 

Simply, order. We do the planning! Every month a new box will be released with another exciting theme. Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email to inform you which perishable items you need to get before you box arrives. 

Anel, Ruandre and Bella

Go ahead, spoil yourselves...

We specialise in Date Nights for couples in committed relationships

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